Vegan Options in Maricopa County: Italian Restaurants to Visit

Are you looking for vegan options in Maricopa County? Italian restaurants are a great place to start! From Fresh Mint's Vietnamese-influenced dishes to Nami's legendary Soynami ice cream, there are plenty of delicious vegan options to choose from. Fresh Mint is a great option for vegan diners. The restaurant offers a variety of salads full of vegetables, bittersweet soup, pad Thai, and lemongrass curry with Japanese eggplant, sautéed lemongrass and onion in the restaurant's coconut and curry sauce. For dessert, Fresh Mint is home to some of the best tapiocas in town, especially the mango and coconut variety.

Currently, Fresh Mint offers delivery service, takeout and restaurant meals. The atmosphere is as comforting as the food, as the restaurant is located in a historic house with a picnic table and outdoor seating. Nami is Fresh Mint's sister restaurant and has one of the best assortments of vegan desserts in the Valley. From meatless versions of the classic Big Mac to delicious dairy-free shakes, Nami has something for everyone. The restaurant's legendary Soynami ice cream is a must-try for any vegan diner. Finding vegan options in Maricopa County doesn't have to be difficult.

With Fresh Mint and Nami, vegans can enjoy delicious meals without compromising their lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a light lunch or a decadent dessert, these two restaurants have something for everyone.