Fiorentini: Rutherford's New Italian Restaurant

Rutherford, New Jersey is about to get a taste of Italy with the opening of Fiorentini, a new Italian restaurant owned by Ciro Iovine, the chef and owner of Song E Napule Pizzeria. This farm-to-table restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist, featuring dishes such as panini, rustici, arancini, and other favorites. Recently, New Jersey Digest selected Fiorentini as the best new Italian restaurant in the Garden State. Located in the heart of Rutherford, this contemporary restaurant is sure to be a hit.

Ciro Iovine is an Old World pizza chef who arrived in the United States from his hometown of Naples 10 years ago. He will open Song'E Naples in Rutherford in May. The beauty of Fiorentini lies in its attention to detail and artistry. From the fresh ingredients to the modern twist on classic Italian dishes, this restaurant is sure to be a favorite for locals and visitors alike. If you're looking for a unique dining experience in Rutherford, be sure to check out Fiorentini.

With its authentic Italian cuisine and modern twist, it's sure to be a hit!.